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Community Gathers to Talk about Exciting Next Steps at the KIC

On Thursday, October 5th, the KIC gathered a group of about fifty mentors, tenants, board members, and community partners to discuss the next steps at the Ketchum Innovation Center.

We had a wonderful turnout and a lot of fantastic participation in celebrating the success of Jon Duval’s seven year tenure at the KIC.  As Jon prepares to step into a new role as the founder of an adventure travel company, he is handing over leadership of the organization to Kathryn Kemp Guylay, who has served as a mentor and board member.

To review the presentation given my Jon Duval and Kathryn Kemp Guylay, please view the 24 slides here.

The second hour of the two hour session was held in “world cafe” style break out groups that focused on participant-chosen topics/themes including space, collaboration, epicenter of business in the Wood River Valley, ripple Effect, development and measuring success:


  • KIC space:
    a) more useable and valuable,
    b) private meetings, events, and drop-in
    c) improve utilization (more units, memberships, pricing, packaging)
  • Outside of KIC space:
    a) shared space across the valley (community wide)
    b) network of memberships and connections
    c) shared technology


  1. Brown bag lunches
  2. Podcast/youtube for story telling
  3. Open arms to community for events
  4. Success stories
  5. Inter-mountain (town) communication
  6. Angel alliances
  7. Mentor utilization
  8. “Office hours”
  9. WR Valley Success (Decked, First Lite, ViaActive, Yoga Studios)
  10. Young entrepreneurs
  11. Startup showcases (more often)

Epicenter of Business in the Wood River Valley

  • Clarify user experience
  • Broaden sense of belonging (job board, temp service, databases)
  • Get beyond the building (be everywhere/show up in as many places as possible)
  • Get people in the building (unique culture, social hours, office hours)

Ripple Effect

  • Population growth
  • Housing (affordable)
  • (Identify) tipping point before growth becomes undesirable
  • Networking/shared resources
  • Break down silos
  • Leverage 6 degrees of separation
  • Utilize intellectual capital 


Diversify funding sources:
*1% campaigns
*online education

Measuring Success

  • Connections with other small companies
  • Beat our alternatives
  • Lure external businesses
  • Space for stages of growth
  • Unique services
  • Media center
  • Support conferences
  • Re-examine vision statement and vision

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