Fall 2017 Workshops and Events

Dates and Details

All events are held at the KIC, 311 N. First Avenue in Ketchum




The W. Edwards Deming Institute® introduces a new 8-hour immersion program, for leaders at all levels of management. The focus is on the foundations of teamwork and the connecting power and financial potential this provides to all organizations. Participants will experience a powerful new framework, one enabling leadership to better man- age their resources, time, money, knowledge, equipment, and people.

Monday, November 6th. Noon until 5pm. Deming Management Method Introduction, Day One

Tuesday, November 7th. 9am until 1pm. Deming Management MethodIntroduction, Day Two

Thursday, November 9th. Noon until 1pm. Intro to QuickBooks Online (Session 3). Led by Toni Himmelman

Saturday, November 11th. 10:30am – 11:30am Concussion Prevention & Recovery with Dr. Maria Maricich

Tuesday, November 14th. 8am-10am. Women in Business Summit

Tuesday, November 14th. Noon until 1:30pm. E-commerce in a Mountain Town

Tuesday, November 16th. Noon until 1:30pm. Ideation and Brainstorming

Thursday, November 30th. Noon until 1pm. Intro to QuickBooks Online (Session 4). Led by Toni Himmelman

RSVP to any/all of these events to: kathryn@ketchuminnovationcenter.com



Tuesday, October 3rd. Noon until 1:30pm. Women’s Entrepreneur Group. Lean Launch Intro

Tuesday, October 10th. Noon until 1pm. How to Finance Your Business (Panel Discussion)

Thursday, October 12th. Noon until 1pm. Intro to Quickbooks. Led by Toni Himmelman

Wednesday, October 18th. 5:30-7pm. Women’s Entrepreneur Group. Overcoming Under-Earning. Led by Kathryn Kemp Guylay

Tuesday, October 24th. Noon until 1:30pm. Product Development & Sourcing
About LJ Sourcing and Class Overview

Thursday, October 26th. Noon until 1:30pm.Intro to QuickBooks Online (Session 2). Led by Toni Himmelman

Friday, October 27th. Dark and Stormy Night Party. 7-9pm.  Read the flyer.

Tuesday, October 31st. Noon until 1:00. Growing a Business in the Valley (Panel Discussion)