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KIC 3.0 is Coming Soon!


 Ketchum Innovation Center (KIC), the epicenter of connection and support for existing and startup businesses in the Sun Valley region, will relocate its physical location in the City of Ketchum in 2018, to invest in the core competencies and pillars of its mission. The KIC currently occupies the 311 First Avenue N building in Ketchum and will finalize details of its new location shortly.

“The Ketchum Innovation Center remains on solid footing and we are very excited for what 2018 looks like for KIC,” said KIC CEO and Executive Director Kathryn Kemp Guylay. “KIC’s leadership team and board of directors remain deeply committed to building an innovative and supportive business ecosystem for the local entrepreneurial economy. KIC will continue to focus on delivering exceptional educational programming, mentorship, and networking resources.”

“As a local entrepreneur and a KIC tenant since 2015, I see the direction that KIC is taking as extremely positive. The real power of the KIC is in its network and its ability to connect entrepreneurs with meaningful resources. I am consistently impressed by the educational sessions available to our community at large through the KIC,” says Dave Madaras, COO, AirProxima Inc., a private aviation search engine.

The KIC move is mission, vision and value driven. The board of directors and staff have refreshed our goals, vision, mission and values for KIC 3.0. Our current location is much larger and more expensive than needed to fulfill KIC’s mission.

“Our exit from the 311 First Ave North building will result in significant savings, allowing KIC to invest in our core initiatives, such as educational programming and mentorship. We are aggressively pursuing a number of grants that we hope will add to our top line,” said Guylay. “The KIC is not going away, we are here to stay and are thrilled with the prospect of focusing on our mission to provide education, mentorship, capital solutions and community building.”

When KIC launched in 2014, providing office space for young companies was an important part of the KIC mission. Since 2014, several co-working spaces have opened up and have filled that market need. We are working to secure a smaller space that can host the KIC.

“I am grateful to have been one of the first KIC entrepreneurs to go through its Lean Launch program in 2014. The KIC’s educational workshops, mentorship and community have been invaluable to me throughout the growth of my Nardagani reading program. I am excited about the KIC’s upcoming move and the even more exceptional workshops and networking to come,” says Narda Pitkelthy, KIC alumni and serial entrepreneur.

Narda’s businesses have included a real estate firm, window washing company (, glassblowing company (, reading program ( Her vermicomposting company ( is next.

KIC Vision: KIC is the epicenter of connection and support for existing and startup businesses in the Sun Valley region, renowned throughout the country as a beacon for work/life balance.

The KIC Mission: To cultivate an innovative business ecosystem inspired by mountain town living. Our mission is based on four foundational pillars:

  1. Education: Provide programs and events that inspire, inform, educate and promote long-term growth, success and work/life balance
  2. Mentorship: Create connection and economic synergies by leveraging the local intellectual capital to provide world class consulting services to growing companies
  3. Community: Inspire innovation and career mobility within the majestic natural setting of the Ketchum/Sun Valley community*
  4. Capital Solutions: Match angel investors and other funding sources with the needs of growing companies.

KIC Values:

  1. Innovation
  2. Collaboration
  3. Transparency
  4. Fun

About KIC

Founded in 2014, the Ketchum Innovation Center (KIC) is the epicenter of connection and support for existing and startup businesses in the Sun Valley region. The KIC is led by CEO and executive director Kathryn Kemp Guylay and is committed to innovation, learning and collaboration through connection, programming and mentorship to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

The KIC mission is cultivate an innovative business ecosystem inspired by mountain town living and has worked with more than 150 entrepreneurs. Our offerings reflect the four foundational pillars of our mission: education, mentorship, community and capital solutions. Visit us online at and follow us on Facebook. Hours: M-F from 9-5; Email: for more information.


Contact: Leigh Barer,, 206-755-1090

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