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KMVT Ch. 11: Idaho Deemed an Oasis for Small Business

Allen Gutierrez says innovation and access to capital have Idaho ahead of the curve when it comes to attracting small businesses.

by Peter Zampa

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) – What makes a state great for small businesses to set up shop? In a recent “Small Business Friendliness” survey sponsored by, Idaho was given an A-plus rating and named the third best state in the country for small businesses.

“The state of Idaho has been doing great,” said Allen Gutierrez, associate administrator for the Small Business Administration’s Office of Entrepreneurial Development.

Gutierrez says Idaho’s innovation has the state ahead of the curve. He says the recognition should come as no surprise.

He says access to capital, a culture of innovation and commitment from the state are three reasons why new businesses flock to Idaho. The survey shows Idaho with an overall A+ in friendliness to small business, and Gutierrez says a lack of red tape plays a big role.

“They’re able to spend more time focusing on their true business model and business approach and penetrating that market,” said Gutierrez.

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