Courtney Hamilton

Courtney Hamilton


After many conversations this summer about the future of Ketchum and the role of the young population in shaping that future, I decided to run for (and win!) one of this year’s two available spots on the Ketchum City Council in an effort to make Ketchum a viable long-term home for everyone in the community.

Ketchum faces the challenging crossroad of a global/digital world intersecting with the dreams of small-town life. As Ketchum’s next generation questions the viability of their future lives here, we have the chance to directly participate in our community’s vitality. This situation, combined with Sun Valley Resort’s unknown prospects, makes now the best time to think proactively for the future of our town and find ways to protect our traditions while helping our community continue to flourish for the next generation.

We must bring some fresh perspectives into city politics in order to bridge the concerns of Ketchum’s younger populations with those who shaped Ketchum into the place we love today. How do we do that?

Housing – housing is the epicenter of economic and livability issues in the town, and it’s important that it’s at the forefront of council concerns

Collaboration – we don’t live in a bubble. Let’s utilize the resources we have in local people and organizations, county and city governments in our valley, and other mountain towns facing similar issues. We have to work together to be the best Ketchum we can be. Five people at a table on Monday nights can’t do that alone.

Culture – part of sustaining a viable life for people in Ketchum is keeping things happening. Promoting the culture of Ketchum, whether through events, arts, or access to outdoor recreation means promoting the things that brought us all here in the first place, the things that keep us here, and the things that attract tourism and boost our economy.
Through this process, I am most excited to get to talk to you all about your concerns for our town and brainstorm solutions to make this truly amazing place both sustainable and an even better place to live.

I do not profess to have all the answers, but I have the motivation to work to find them. I promise to thoughtfully listen, research, and learn from our community and beyond on how we can best solve Ketchum’s greatest issues today. Our most valuable asset is our people, and through my work, I intend to honor and celebrate that as a town leader.

Now, let’s make this happen…

It’s go time!